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PT.Gemilang Sukses Indonesia ( www.gemilangsukses.co.id )
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PT.Gemilang Sukses Indonesia ( www.gemilangsukses.co.id )
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Mr. Jajang Sutiana [Marketing]

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Jl. Hayam Wuruk 127, Gedung LTC glodok Lantai 1 Blok B2 No. 1
Jakarta 11180, Jakarta

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Kami Melayani penjualan seluruh indonesia, pengiriman dikiirim via expedisi Darat, Laut, Udara, Cepat dan Hemat.
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Products Catalog

Jual Reciprocating Compressor Danfoss Maneurop MTZ160HW4VE
Quantity Order:
General Characteristics
Model number ( on compressor nameplate) MTZ160HW4VE
Code number for Singlepack* MTZ160-4VI
Code number for Industrial pack* * MTZ160-4VM
Drawing number 8504011e
Suction and discharge connections Rotolock
Suction connection 1-3/ 4 " Rotolock
Discharge connection 1-1/ 4 " Rotolock
Suction connection with supplied sleeve 1-1/ 8 " ODF
Discharge connection with supplied sleeve 3/ 4 " ODF
Oil sight glass Threaded
Oil equalization connection 3/ 8' ' flare SAE
Oil drain connection None
LP gauge port Schrader
IPR valve 435 psi / 115 psi
Cylinders 4
Swept volume 16.57 in3/ rev
Displacement @ Nominal speed 1669 cfh @ 2900 rpm - 2014 cfh @ 3500 rpm
Net weight 152 lbs
Oil charge 132 oz, POE - 160PZ
Maximum system test pressure Low Side / High side 363 psi / 435 psi
Maximum differential test pressure 435 psi
Maximum number of starts per hour 12
Refrigerant charge limit 22 lbs
Approved refrigerants R404A, R507A, R134a, R407C
Electrical Characteristics
Nominal voltage 380-400V/ 3/ 50Hz - 460V/ 3/ 60Hz
Voltage range 340-440 V @ 50Hz - 414-506 V @ 60Hz
Winding resistance ( between phases) + / - 7% at 77º F 1.1 #
Maximum Continuous Current ( MCC) 36 A
Locked Rotor Amps ( LRA) 140 A
Motor protection Internal overload protector
Recommended Installation torques
Oil sight glass 37 ft.lbs
Power connections / Earth connection 2 ft.lbs / 1 ft.lbs
Mounting bolts 37 ft.lbs
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